Protesty głodowe jako taktyka walki bez przemocy


The article discusses the phenomenon of hunger strikes which are considered to be an example of strategies and tactics of nonviolent struggle. The resistance is based on a conscious refusal to eat food which causes the political matter against which the protest is directed to become an existential matter. Everyday actions, such as eating, take on a different meaning. The same happens with the meaning of the act of political contestation. On the one hand what can be seen is the embodiment of politics and on the other the politicization of the body. The article also showcases a number of historical and contemporary examples of hunger strikes and tries to find the answer whether hunger strikes are an effective method of political resistance.


Opublikowane : 2014-01-30

Codogni, P. (2014). Protesty głodowe jako taktyka walki bez przemocy. Civitas. Studia Z Filozofii Polityki, 16, 55-67.

Paulina Codogni 
Collegium Civitas  Polska

Doktor nauk humanistycznych w zakresie nauk o polityce, pracuje w Collegium Civitas.