Hegel and the Republican Thinking


The philosophical system of Hegel greatly affected theoreticians representing various trends in reflection on politics. Some thinkers regarded him as a predecessor of the future proletarian revolution, others as a reactionary and ideologist of authoritarian governments. He was perceived as a liberal thinker, a conservative, and even a founding father of totalitarianism. It is difficult, however, to find an author who would associate Hegel’s thoughts with the republican tradition. The author of this article tries to pursue this task. At first sight, Hegel does not offer any analysis of the republic. His main topic is the state, understood very broadly as a political unity and totality – as a living ethical community. Attempts at including Hegel in the classical republican tradition require strong arguments. The first hint is the presence and outstanding importance of Aristotle and Kant in his works. These two names cannot be omitted in republican thought.

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Stawrowski, Z. (2022). Hegel and the Republican Thinking. Studia Polityczne, 49(4), 159-175. https://doi.org/10.35757/STP.2021.49.4.07

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