Nord Stream 2: between monopoly and diversification


Nord Stream 2 (NS2) has become one of the most contested pipeline projects in European history. The controversy hinges upon the assessment of whether NS2 is a friend or a foe to European gas market security. It is rooted as much in diverging historical legacies as it is in the distinct market realities. In this context, smart policy choices grounded in understanding of the deepening and globalising natural gas market and new options for natural gas delivery can provide a common ground and facilitate a win-win situation for all Europeans.

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Opublikowane : 2018-12-28

Mikulska, A. (2018). Nord Stream 2: between monopoly and diversification. Sprawy Międzynarodowe, 71(4), 45-75.

Anna Mikulska
Uniwersytet Pensylwania  Polska