Solidarność jako wartość polityczna


Horizontal relationships unite the society and level off the differences from other sources. A solidary political community is based not only on common property but also on private property, and at the same time levels off the economic disproportions so that economic conflicts would not become political, which could in turn cause the emergence of antagonized social groups. In this sense, solidarity can stabilize the political community. A case in point being the Western European democracies, which after the Second World War became welfare states. Solidarity could play this role now, even though there are organizations such as Occupy Wall Street or Indignants Movement, which rebel against the inequalities. The current idea of solidarity may be achieved on different levels. The first is the local level, where the most is known of the citizens’ situation; the state level, where there are institutions which aim at a unified political community according to economy and culture; and finally, the supranational level, to level off the dangers which a growing economic stratification entails.


Opublikowane : 2013-01-30

Nogal, A. (2013). Solidarność jako wartość polityczna. Civitas. Studia Z Filozofii Polityki, 15, 99-116.

Agnieszka Nogal 
Instytut Filozofii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego  Polska

Doktor habilitowany, pracuje w Zakładzie Filozofii Polityki Instytutu Filozofii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

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