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Temat numeru

Rzut oka na współczesną włoską filozofię polityki, poczynając od La pensabilità del mondo Sebastiana Maffettonego

Przesłane: 5 lipca 2020
Opublikowane: 28.01.2011


The author presents a panorama of the contemporary Italian philosophy of politics, focusing, in particular, on a reflection on a global society. This ‘globalisation’ of philosophical and political reflection has been subjected to a sudden acceleration, beginning with 11 September 2001, a day which was a tragic demonstration of the global nature of the contemporary balance of forces. Never before had a single state waged war against a vaguely identified terrorist group of global reach, where only the name and the face of its elusive leader is known. The author familiarises the reader with the views of Sebastian Maffetone, who, with his Renaissance faith in the speculative mind, wants to make this world, which is itself chaotic, a reasoned, which is to say, a rational one. He places himself in the tradition of thought which leads from Kant, via Hegel, to John Rawls.


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