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Tom 73 Nr 1 (2020): Polityka klimatyczna: stałość i zmiany

Prawa człowieka

Uprawnienia konstytucyjne władz V Republiki Francuskiej w dziedzinie obrony

Przesłane: 23 stycznia 2021
Opublikowane: 30.12.2020


French constitution adopted in 1958 by referendum has profoundly modified the political system in France by establishing the renewed V Republic. General de Gaulle who inspired “the spirit and the letter” of the new wording, focused on the one and the most important goal. Inserted changes were aimed at ensuring the survival of the state by enhancing French institutions, their decision-making powers as well as resilience, in case of occurrence of the major crisis and threat for the country. The President became directly and personally responsible for the state continued existence, while making the Prime Minister responsible for the national defense. This constitutional – legal and logical contradiction characterized also as a diarchy at the top level of the power has proved nevertheless to be singularly efficient. After more than 60 years of V Republic, Military Strength Ranking placed France in 2019 on fifth position.


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