Contemporary Liberal Concepts of Property


The author presents the assumptions which form the bedrock of modern liberal property theories. It refers to the conceptions of John Christman, James O. Grunebaum, Lawrence Becker, Stephen R. Munzer and Jeremy Waldron. All these philosophers have devoted separate monographs to the problems of ownership and their works seem representative of the entire liberal current in contemporary political philosophy. This paper does not provide a detailed analysis of the authors’ views on property, but focuses on the elements that these theories share. These are: (1) the bundle theory of property rights; (2) the priority of distributive justice over ownership; (3) the belief that labour is not a property entitlement; (4) the assumption about the separation of production and distribution; (e) the belief in the redistributive role of the state.

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Opublikowane : 2019-12-30

Juruś, D. (2019). Contemporary Liberal Concepts of Property. Civitas. Studia Z Filozofii Polityki, 25, 87-111.

Dariusz Juruś 
Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University  Polska

Graduate of the Jagiellonian University (philosophy) and Cracow University of Technology (architecture), deals with the philosophy of politics (mainly libertarianism). His research interests also include ethics and aesthetics. He is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University, author of over 50 publications, including the book W poszukiwaniu podstaw libertarianizmu (In search of the foundations of libertarianism) and the anthology of essays Dzieje własności prywatnej. Od starożytności do współczesności (History of private property. From antiquity to the present day).