Czy „rodzeństwo zawsze się bije”? Znormalizowana przemoc między rodzeństwem w dzieciństwie — stan badań, skala zjawiska, doświadczenia dorosłego rodzeństwa


This article deals with the problem of sibling violence in childhood. According to the data, children are particularly often the victims of physical and psychological abuse from their brothers and sisters. However, this topic is relatively rarely discussed in Polish sociological and psychological literature. Among other reasons, there is a tendency to perceive violence between children as irrelevant and as an unavoidable element of childhood. The author has three purposes. First, she presents the state of expertise on sibling violence. Second, she presents data obtained from the Empowering Children Foundation on how many children report sibling violence to the Helpline and thus illustrates the scale of the phenomenon in Poland. Third, she attempts to show how the experience of sibling violence in childhood is reflected in the stories adults recount in regard to their biographies and their relations with their siblings. Cases are cited that illustrate the various circumstances of physical and psychological violence in sibling relations.

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rodzeństwo; przemoc fizyczna; przemoc psychiczna; dzieciństwo

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Dębska, K. (2020). Czy „rodzeństwo zawsze się bije”? Znormalizowana przemoc między rodzeństwem w dzieciństwie — stan badań, skala zjawiska, doświadczenia dorosłego rodzeństwa. Kultura I Społeczeństwo, 64(3), 51-74.

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