Zbiorowe diagnozowanie polskiej rzeczywistości. O wywiadach Michała Sutowskiego


This essay is a review based on material from nineteen published interviews that focused on a diagnosis of Polish conditions after a year of the Law and Justice [Prawo i Sprawiedliwość] party’s rule. The interviews were conducted with experts—academics and journalists—by Michał Sutowski, who published these interviews as a collection.  The author demonstrates that such a collective diagnosis has major advantages in Poland’s current, rapidly changing, social conditions. Such a method is quicker than the scholarly approach to describing and explaining the state of affairs. The collection of interviews could also be a valuable source of inspiration for public debates and scholarly research in many areas, and could contain guidelines for decision-makers.

Słowa kluczowe

diagnoza; dezintegracja; debata publiczna; polityka symboliczna; najnowsza historia Polski


Opublikowane : 2017-10-10

Pańków, I. (2017). Zbiorowe diagnozowanie polskiej rzeczywistości. O wywiadach Michała Sutowskiego. Kultura I Społeczeństwo, 61(4), 215-221. https://doi.org/10.35757/KiS.2017.61.4.11

Irena Pańków  ipank@isppan.waw.pl
Instytut Studiów Politycznych PAN  Polska

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