Działania pozorne


This is a reprint of an archival text by Jan Lutyński, an outstanding Polish sociologist, founder of the Łódź school of methodology, and co-founder of the Polish Sociological Association. The text is devoted to the imperfections of the political system in Poland in the 1970s–1980s and their negative social consequences in the form of “apparent activities.” On the thirtieth anniversary of Professor Lutyński’s death, the essay is worth re-reading as it is still topical and has inspired many authors.

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Jan Lutyński; działania pozorne; społeczeństwo polskie


Opublikowane : 2018-06-28

Lutyński, J. (2018). Działania pozorne. Kultura I Społeczeństwo, 62(2), 239-250.

Jan Lutyński 
Uniwersytet Łódzki  Polska